Branding and web presence for an event company.

Building a brand identity from the ground up for an event company specializing in corporate banquets organization. Our task was to find a name that talks about the product, and sound identically in the main target languages: English, Russian and Uzbek.

The logomark represents an abbreviation “BE” which stands for Banquet Expert, where “E” is placed over the “B” forming a crown. Our services included formulating brand guidelines for design, style and tone, creating a WordPress website and social media branding.


  • Naming
  • Brand image
  • Print & digital
  • WordPress Website
  • Social media branding
  • SEO & SMM

“Какое счастье , когда твои задумки и идеи твоего проекта могут идеально упаковать и донести до потребителя. Огромная благодарность команде Design!ca за осуществление самых смелых идей!”

Sadokat S.

CEO, Banquet Expert

The union of three successful brands — the threefold strength!

After trying different motifs we decided to play with the abbreviation “BE” which stands for Banquet Expert. We found that the “BE” symbol might be a good concept as it would work well in call to actions, like: “BE happy” or “Let it BE”.

We also tried to make the letter B look like number 3 since there are three founders / brands who have formed the new company and this fact is reflected in the philosophy of the brand.


Increase in overall sales


Sales during the ad campaign


Positive reviews written