Uzbek – American federation. Bringing the World to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan to the World.


Vatandosh Uzbek – American Federation focused on integrating the Uzbek diaspora community into its local communities, through cultural events, fundraisers, celebrations and educational programs as well as in building bridges into Uzbekistan with other world cultures.


  • Develop corporate identity and a logo
  • Create a solid visual image of the company
  • Create a corporate website


  • Logotype
  • Letterhead
  • Website
  • Web banners

“Design!ca is a great design team. Their creative approach to work is amazing. I have been working with them for years. Greatly recommend their work.”

Ulugbek Kasimov

CEO, Vatandosh


Vatandosh logotype consists of graphical symbol representing the Rub el Hizb star (ancient Islamic symbol) with stylized letter V embedded into it. The whole sign mimics the traditional majolica tile work used on ancient domes of Samarkand and Bukhara. The corporate sign was build on a modular grid and has horizontal and vertical representation.